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Diamond One strategically occupies an geomantic treasure land in the capital, being surrounded by the international class construction and the top shopping mall around it. The charming beauty of the Mekong River is just outside the window. With unprecedented international vision, Diamond One is showing its extraordinary value."


Diamond Island, is located in the area of Tonle Chaktomuk (four river branches) in Phnom Penh, which is the intersection of upper and lower Mekong River, Tonle Sap River and Bassac River. It is the core area in Phnom Penh, being surrounded by the National Assembly of Cambodia, Ministry of Foreign Affair, Naga Casino, Ministry of Environment, Australian Embassy and convention center. Early in 2006, Diamond Island became the first satellite town under the special administrative region in capital Phnom Penh. It is one of the key districts known as the wealthy area for development of Phnom Penh government. The Island of 100 hectare is surrounded by the most prosperous views of riverside and 50% of the island's surface area is planned as green space.


Diamond One lies in the center of Diamond Island, consisting of 1 residential building and 43 townhouses. With the perfect atrium, luxury decoration and spacious courtyard, Diamond One has created a delicate, stable and permanent high-end urban residence for you. It is surrounded by Aeon Mall, Canadian International School, Convention Center, Opera Theatre, French City Store Walking Street, etc. It is close to the Australian Embassy, Sofitel five-star International Hotel and the wealthy residential area Elite Town, providing a living environment for you and business and political celebrities together.

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