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Prince Supermarket

Prince Supermarket (Cambodia) Co., Ltd is an affiliate under Prince Real Estate Group.

With “Understand You, Understand Life” as its business philosophy, the Supermarket is positioned as an "Innovative Boutique Supermarket". Its objective is to “serve the community as a good neighbor and provide quality products to help residents achieve a good life” while learning and improving along the way.

Business Positioning

Prince Supermarket presents three types of stores: “Prince Market”, “Prince Fresh” and “Prince Lifestyle”.

The 3 divisions coordinate and advance together to create a “Save for a good life” shopping experience for customers.

Strategy and Development Plan


Prince Supermarket adopts the development idea of "Internal Growth and External Expansion". It coordinates with the development of real estate projects and promotes brand upgrading with brick-and-mortar shops. Meanwhile, the Supermarket actively implements a strategy of developing into regional centers, seeking to expand and build a strong brand image in suitable properties and markets.

Development Plan

The three types of stores, namely “Prince Fresh”, “Prince Lifestyle”, and “Prince Market”, are operated in synergy to serve the community, aiming to meet the customers' ever-increasing needs for a better life.




Prince Supermarket opened its first store in Phnom Penh in the Central Plaza.




Prince Supermarket Sihanoukville Branch opened


As of today, Prince Supermarket is running eight stores in Cambodia.

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