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Adheres to its aim of “Being dedicated to public charity, advocating corporate duty, and promoting social harmony and progress” , sponsored by the Prince Real Estate Group, the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation Organization focuses on social welfare projects, including municipal development and ecological protection with its increasing attention on dropout children, the disabled, and the lonely elderly. This national non-public fund was initiated with nearly a million dollars’ start-up investment by the Prince Real Estate Group, the sales revenue of which properties is in connection with the Foundation. Meanwhile, donations from social groups and compassion public from all walks of life are giving impetus to charity continuously.

With the vision of "Concentration, Persistence, Fraternity and Harmony" , the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation Organization has launched more than 240 charity events, benefiting 238,700 people, with donations amounted to $5,300,000.

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The Project Orientation of the Charitable Foundation Is:

(1) To provide cross-border charitable activities, such as to help the poor, the disabled and orphan, disaster relief, and to fight against epidemic diseases, etc.;

(2) To accept donations from individuals and social organizations primarily led by the the Prince Real Estate Group;

(3) To conduct charity activities for dropout children;

(4) To engage in development projects of youth education and other social education;

(5) To participate in re-education projects for the professionalism of industrial workers;

(6) To join charitable projects about traffic safety;

(7) To take part in charity projects for urban planning and design;

(8) To handle other businesses approved by the administrative departments.

The Aim for the Development of the Charitable Foundation:

Being dedicated to public charity, advocating corporate duty, and promoting social harmony and progress.

The Vision of the Charity Foundation:

With the vision of "Concentration, Persistence, Fraternity and Harmony" , affiliated to the Prince Real Estate Group, the Foundation is to achieve the goal of making the Prince Group the most respected international real estate enterprise.

Development Goals of the Charitable Foundation:

(1) Short-term goals (1-2 years): to carry out charity projects engaged by the Foundation in positive manners, with its funding scale up to $1,000,000 and a focus on dropout children, youth education, re-education of industrial workers, traffic safety and urban planning projects, so as to build up a positive corporate image for the Prince Real Estate;

(2) Mid-term goal (3-5 years): to strike financial balance for the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation and make it a famous charity organization in Cambodia with its funding amounted to $10,000,000;

(3) (7-8 years): to make the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation a famous brand in Southeast Asia with its foundation size reaching $100,000,000.

The Funding Sources of the Charity Foundation are:

(1) Initial charitable investment from the Prince Real Estate is nearly one million US dollars;

(2) A charity amount based on $2 per square meter of each square meter sold in the Group’s properties will be donated to the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation as it is in connection with the Group’s property project revenue;

(3) Donations by social organizations and other compassion public to expand charitable fund pool, with charity fund collected through collaboration with associate organizations and social resource platforms, promoting charity step by step continuously;

(4) Voluntary charity donations by employees.

Specific Implementation Proposal:

(1) Volunteer Projects

In order to coordinate with the public welfare work of the Foundation, a "volunteer" team comprised of its staff is set up in the enterprise. In addition to supporting the implementation of various projects of the Foundation, the team is conducting independent programs such as "Help Dropout Children Return to Classroom (key project)", "Orphans Visiting", "Visits to Autistic Children", "Planting Trees", "Care the Elderly ", "Aid to Children in the Earthquake" and so on.

(2) Education Projects

Injecting funds to improve the educational settings in Phnom Penh, the Prince Edward Real Estate Charitable Foundation is financially backing up some youth education and other social education development projects to provide impoverished children with equal opportunity to education, as educational development projects are always the focus of the Foundation. Meanwhile, the Foundation is promoting innovation and public responsibility among college students.

(3) Professionalism Re-education Project

This project is aimed to elevate the professionalism of Cambodian industrial workers, with its emphasis on re-education to accelerate the industries in dire need in the initial development of Cambodia and to steam up the motive force for economic development to maintain rapid development. Through its cooperation with the government, industry management departments and schools, professional training sessions on skills, vocational training, computer, program control, etc. are conducted in evening schools.

(4) Traffic Safety Projects

Traffic has become the major cause of high mortality rate in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In particular, little attention is attached to safety awareness and traffic regulations at the primary stage of the Kingdom’s economic development. Through activities sponsored by school and transportation department, the project is conducive to reduce traffic accidents, such as "traffic safety officer" at the junctions of Phnom Penh to strengthen safety guidance, and activities like "First Aid Sponsorship at Hospitals".

(5) Charity Project of Urban Planning and Design

In terms of economic development of Phnom Penh, the urban planning has been far behind the development of city. Through collaborative projects with government planning departments, like "Urban Planning Seminar" and "Training Scheme of Financing Studies for the Planning of Developed Countries" and so on, we should draw on the successful experience from these countries to reduce the constraints of development caused by the backwardness of urban planning.

(6) Fund-raising Plan on Social Platform

The Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation is dedicated to profoundly integrate enterprises home and abroad, as well as the Internet and public charity through the power of business circle and networking, taking advantage of resources and social influence of corporate leaders, so that the public can play a leading role in charity work as this enables the public to interact with charity. Therefore, a Public Welfare Mode 2.0 participated by the public and activated by everyone can be truly created.

Bank Account Details of the Prince Real Estate Charitable Foundation Organization:

Account Number:1010002000008824



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