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PREG 4.0 to Usher in Brighter Future | Prince Real Estate Group Holds 2023 Annual Conference

Prince Real Estate Group held its 2023 Annual Conference on January 29th, 2024. The conference saw the attendance of Executive Director Cliff Koh, CEO Edward Lee, Vice President Sheng Jiaqian, along with its entire staff.  


Reports on KPI and reviews on work achievements of the past year were made by each department of the Group and its subsidiaries. Moreover, work objectives, pivotal plans, issues and corresponding solutions were laid out for 2024 during the conference.

Announcing PREG was to evolve into a ‘4.0 era’ in 2024, Vice President Sheng Jiaqian sang the praise of PREG’s staff for overcoming adversities and boosting work quality over the past year and encouraged his staff to keep working towards better quality control, workplace management, prior planning and in-process management of projects, while upholding the pedestal for work quality. In his address, Mr. Sheng also called for enhancement of interconnection among PREG’s wide range of business operations, raising awareness to serve, improvement of property management services and upkeeping of sales figures. He added that PREG’s reputation as a quality property developer should be built with great care in its business odyssey from Cambodia to overseas.


Finally, he pointed out the many challenges that laid ahead presented by a constantly changing market and increasingly fierce competitions and urged his staff to think before they act.

In his address, CEO Edward Lee nodded his approval at the work performance of each department in 2023, while indicating the ‘4.0 era’ of PREG was going to be a year of great prospects. Making business strategies and production renovation in conformity with market changes would be the pivotal step towards a successful year, and breakthrough must be made in resource optimization, product diversification, among other operational areas, he added.


The CEO expressed his expectation that in 2024 personal objective was definite and employee contribution and motivation increased, encouraging staff members to be forward-looking, creative, and responsible at work, while exerting control over work schedule without compromising efficiency and improving on problem-solving ability in order to contribute to PREG’s corporate development objectives.

Following the conference, a dinner party was held where the staff and management executives of PREG gathered to celebrate last year’s achievements and toast to a brighter future.

PREG remains aspired to contribute to the development of various sectors of the Cambodian economy in 2024. With the Chinese New Year around the corner, PREG wishes everyone health and prosperity in the year of the Dragon. 

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