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Recently, we have received reports on fraudulent activities conducted in the name of N5 Night Market vendors. Therefore, we are serving you this notice to protect your rights and interests:

1. As the operator of the N5 Night Market and Prince International Plaza, we will not lease any stalls or vendor space nor sell any products to you in the form of individuals. Please be extra cautious if you are approached in such a manner. 

2. The official Facebook of the N5 Night Market is www.facebook.com/QboxbyPrinceTimesSquare and the official contact number +85581334011/+855888066555. The official Facebook of Prince International Plaza is www.facebook. com/PrinceSquare168 and the official number +855 81334 011 (KH)/+855 70380761 (EN)/+855 963483660 (CH). Please contact us through the abovementioned web links or mobile numbers for business purposes.

3. Any notices or information relating to the N5 Night Market or Prince International Plaza will be published through the abovementioned webpages. We courage you to verify information otherwise obtained.

4. We strongly condemn fraudulent activities, which has seriously damaged the brand reputation of the N5 Night Market. We will take all measures permitted by law and cooperate with law enforcement to combat such illegal acts.

Collective efforts are pivotal to maintaining safety and order at the N5 Night Market. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

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