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Taste of Love: Uniting for Charity | Prince Manor Resort and Prince Foundation Foster Hope for Children

28 June 2023, Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Prince Manor Resort, a subsidiary of Prince Real Estate Group (PREG), in collaboration with Prince Foundation, hosted a special day for 150 children from Les Restaurants des Enfants, a charity organization that provides meals to underprivileged children. The day was dedicated to bringing joy and making a positive impact in the lives of these young ones.


The children were divided into groups to embark on an adventure through the amusement facilities within the park, led by staff volunteers from Prince Manor Resort and Prince Real Estate Group.


From thrilling bumper car rides to the whimsical carousel, swing rides to the exhilarating Ferris Wheel, the children immersed themselves in a world of excitement.

After an action-packed morning, the children were treated to a sumptuous buffet lunch. The carefully curated spread featured a delightful assortment of wholesome dishes, nourishing soups, refreshing beverages, and a colorful selection of fruits, to provide a balanced and nutritious meal.

The fun continued as the children embarked on more explorations throughout the vast Prince Manor Resort. Some chose to engage in water activities, zooming down thrilling slides and splashing in the sparkling pools, while others found solace in quieter indoor areas, engaging in games and artistic activities.

Edward Lee, CEO of Prince Real Estate Group, reflected on the significance of the event. "Today's event brought immeasurable joy to these children in need. It is part of PREG's commitment to corporate social responsibility, focusing on education, healthcare, and community engagement. We want these children to know that they are cared for and supported by a compassionate society," expressed Lee.

As the day drew to a close, the children left with daily essentials, as well as hearts full of cherished memories. The ‘Taste of Love’ event was held as a reminder to the public that children are valued members of the community, whilst spreading the message of love, hope, and positivity.


This charity event is part of an ongoing year-long commitment by Prince Manor Resort, Prince Real Estate Group, and Prince Foundation to give back to the community. 

Organizations or enterprises interested in joining these charitable efforts can contact Prince Manor Resort at 855 (0)93 931 555 /093 939 080 (Khmer/English/Chinese).

About Prince Real Estate Group

Prince Real Estate (Cambodia) Group Co., Ltd. is a member of Prince Holding Group, a leading award-winning conglomerate in Cambodia. Founded in Cambodia in March 2015, the group is primarily engaged in real estate development in Cambodia, where the property market is growing at an incredible speed.

With a comprehensive scope of operations and adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Building a Better Life" the Group has been recognized as a leading enterprise in its industry.

About Prince Manor Resort

Prince Manor Resort is an integrated amusement park with an eco-resort located alongside the Mekong River in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

Spanning 136,000 square meters with an 8,000-visitor capacity, it is home to the "Phnom Penh Eye," the tallest Ferris wheel in Cambodia, a go-kart track, a water park with Khmer Style chalets, and camping tents.

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