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Audit Manager

Supervision and Audit Center / Undergraduate and above / Recruit 1 person / Phnom Penh

Release time: 2024-01-31

Job Description:

1. Formulate, modify, and update audit codes and management regulations; audit, supervise, and evaluate the soundness, rationality, and effectiveness of the internal control system of the Group or its subsidiaries.

2. Formulate the Group's annual audit plan, and according to it, formulate economic responsibility audit, annual business performance assessment audit, and special audit plans, and report to the Company for approval of the implementation.

3. Independently establish and optimize the Company's internal control system, independently lead the team to organize and execute the Company's internal audit.

4. Audit the financial revenues and expenditures and various economic activities of the Group and its subsidiaries, as well as the authenticity and accuracy of financial accounting and financial statements.

5. Prepare work records for all kinds of issues identified in the audit, form audit reports and submit them to the Company, be responsible for early warning of the issues found in the inspection, design feasible rectification plans, and assign accountability to promote the effective rectification of issues.

6. Monitor the Company's internal control system cycle, timely discover internal control defects for rectification and improvement.

7. Participate in the guidance and training of internal compliance auditors of the Group and its subsidiaries to conduct self and mutual examination.

8. Participate in and track the development of external supervision and improve the Company's internal operating procedures accordingly.

9. Complete the temporary special audit works assigned by the leadership.


Job Requirements:

1. Majored in auditing and accounting, bachelor's degree or above.

2. More than five years of auditing experience, including more than two years of financial work experience, familiar with the internal audit work process.

3. Candidates with intermediate accountant titles or audit-related titles are preferred.

4. Candidates with experience in in-house internal auditing or auditing at accounting firms are preferred.

5. Proficiency in using office software such as EXCEL and WORD, and proficient in operating various financial software.



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